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Ringoo?? WTF is happening?

Posted in Uncategorized by They Talk About Me on October 22, 2005
Hmm, this is very odd, but as I am trying to use this awesome blog, I keep getting redirected to some ringoo.com site.
I wonder if it is just my computer, or if something has happened to wordpress.com 😦

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  1. jaseone said,

    Should be fixed now, I won’t reveal what it was in case the hole hasn’t been plugged yet but lets just say someone was being a little deviant…

  2. scribble said,

    I’ve been trying to investigate this myself. Whatever it was, it stopped for now. Everytime I went to access the dashboard (basically whenever I logged in or tried to administer the site), something was redirecting the page to the Ringoo site. Hopefully that hole/exploit/problem has been permanently fixed…

    Pretty quick response, too, since it just started 10-15 minutes ago for me.

  3. […] Well, it didn’t take long for something exciting to happen with my new WordPress.com blog!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the good kind of exciting.  Fortunately, the problem was fixed shortly after it started.  Whenever I viewed my site’s Dashboard (which occurs everytime I login or click the “Site Admin” link) I was being redirected to some strange foreign site.  I’m not going to mention the name of the site (though other WordPress.com users have) because I don’t care to give them any more traffic then they’ve already hijacked.  Since it started occurring immediately after I created this site, and when I was first trying to login, it freaked me out a wee bit.  Caught the attention of other WordPress.com users, too. […]

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